Model AM-51-PD

Airflow Measuring Station
aluminum airfoil blade – pressure differential

AM-51-PD airflow measuring stations employ a low leakage control damper with highly accurate airflow measuring equipment in a single compact assembly. The C&S AC-51 control damper is factory mounted with a modulating 24V actuator, multi-point self-averaging pressure sensing probes, and VELTRON DPT 2500-plus transmitter to provide airflow measuring along with the ability to control airflow all in one easy to install assembly.

Standard Construction

Damper Frame: Frame: 5" x 1" (127 x 25) galvanized steel hat channel with interlocking corner gusset. Equivalent to 13 gauge (2.4) channel frame. Low profile head and sill are

used on sizes less than 13" (330) high.

Damper Blades: Damper Blades: 6" (152) heavy gauge, dual wall extruded aluminum - airfoil. Parallel action.

Sleeve: 16" x 20 gauge (406 x 1.0) galvanized steel.

Damper Axles: 1/2" (13) diameter plated steel hex.

Damper Linkage: Concealed in frame.

Damper Bearings: Synthetic.

Seals: PVC blade edge seals. Flexible metal jamb seals.

Damper Actuator: Modulating 24V, spring close, external mount.

Air Straightener: Aluminum honeycomb.

Sensor Type: Pressure differential.

Sensor Capacity: 32 per transmitter.

Probe Material: 6063 anodized aluminum extrusion.

Probe Mount Location: Right.

Transmitter: VELTRON DPT 2500-plus.

Transmitter Output: Single output linear to pressure, flow, or massflow configurable via jumper to 0-5V, 0-10V, or 4-20mA.

Transmitter Power Supply: Standard 24VAC (16-30VAC) or 24VDC (16-40VDC).

Transmitter Power Consumption: 8VA at 24VAC, 6VA at 24VDC.

Minimum Size: 8"x 6" (203 x 152)

Maximum Size: Single section: 48" x 72" (1219 x1829)

Multiple section: 144" x  144" (3658 x 3658)