Model FD-15R

1-1/2 Hour - Static Fire Damper
Round Butterfly Blade

The FD-15R fire damper employs round butterfly blades for point-of-origin control of fire in static HVAC systems. The FD-15R may be installed in vertical walls or partitions, or horizontally in floors or assemblies with fire resistance ratings up to 2 hours.

Standard Construction

Frame: 22 ga. (0.85) galvanized steel.
Blades: 22 ga. (0.85) galvanized steel - round.
Fire Closure Device: Fusible link.
Fire Closure Temperature: 165oF (75oC)
Minimum Size: 6" Ø (152 Ø)
Maximum Size: 20" Ø (508 Ø)


UL 555 Fire Resistance Rating: 1-1/2 hour (vertical and horizontal)

UL 555 Listing: R14981
CSFM Listing: 3225-1404:110
New York City MEA Listing: 295-98-E
Meets NFPA Standards: 90A, 92A, 92B and 101
Meets Building Code Standards: IBC, NBC, NFPA, SBC and UBC