Model RCS-10R

Remote Manual Control Damper
Single Blade - Round

RCS-10R control damper employs a single round blade and an integrated screw-drive assembly for remote cable operated manual air control and balancing in low pressure and velocity applications.

Standard Construction

Frame: 6" x 22 ga. (152 x 0.85) galvanized steel. 
Blades: 22 ga. (0.85) galvanized steel.
Axles: 3/8" (10) square plated steel.
Bearings: Synthetic.
Control Shaft: 3/8" x 3" (10 x 76) square drive axle with a control arm/screw-drive assembly factory installed on a stand-off bracket attached to the damper.
Minimum Size: 4" Ø (102 Ø)
Maximum Size: 24" Ø (610 Ø)


Maximum System Velocity: 1500 fpm (7.7 m/s)
Maximum System Pressure: 1 in. wg. (0.25 kPa)

Temperature: -25oF to 180oF (-32oC to 83oC)

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